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Jan Luckock, EA, PA

Want to turn your dream into reality? If you are thinking of starting a small business, our team can help:

  • Choose the business entity that is right for you.
  • Set up your recordkeeping system
  • Decide the right way to pay your staff.
  • Develop a website that reflects the unique presence of your business. 


Payroll Services

Tax law is constantly changing and becoming more complicated. Our team of professionals are highly trained and qualified to practice and prepare tax returns before the Internal Revenue Service.

We want to make sure when we prepare your return, you are getting every deduction and credit you are entitled to. As well, we want to keep you informed so that as you venture out to follow your dreams, you are equipped with everything you need to know about how your daily decisions will affect your tax liability. We want to help our tax clients stay well informed of federal and state laws. . We want to help them stay compliant and in the best possible position. 


An accurate set of books is by far the most valuable asset you can add to your business or to your personal finance model. Of greatest importance, is to know where you stand financially at any given moment. You should know at all times if you are making a profit in your business, how much debt is outstanding, how much money other people owe you, and the bottom line figure on the net worth of your business.  Additionally, an accurate set of books that shows comparisons to prior financial periods and projections into future periods is essential to take to the bank if you intend to attract investors or borrow money for growth. And... did you know that an accurate, clean set of books is hands down, your best defense in an IRS audit. 

​We have packages available to give you a little help or to manage it all for you from start to finish - OR, anything in between. 

From the moment you hire your first employee, there are hundreds of tax hoops to jump through. Different rules apply to different situations. For instance, a family run business can have different payroll requirements than a larger business. A small business will have different requirements than a farm or agricultural entity. Getting set up for payroll involves applying for permits from the federal government and from several state agencies - and keeping your business compliant with a variety of requirements and reporting deadlines. Our team has experience setting up and managing payroll systems for hundreds of clients from start to finish. We can help you navigate the red tape so you can learn or we'll do it for you so you can concentrate your efforts on other things. 

Tax Preparation

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